Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Leo Darke’s Pandemonium

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“History and present day collide, and in the pandemonium that follows, Darke has crafted a quality narrative that is both comedic and dripping with tension. An entertaining folk horror tale a thousand years in the making.”
–Dave Jeffery, author of Tooth & Claw and A Quiet Apocalypse

“Darke lures you in to a tale about a gentle, but ultimately doomed relationship, then slaps you upside the head with shock after shock, extreme gore, surrealistically nightmarish sequences, all building toward a breathless, horrific finale.”
–Stuart R. West, author of Corporate Wolf and Ghosts of Gannaway

From the moment their eyes met across the crowded sales floor, Billy knew he had met his soulmate, the woman he was meant to be with. While on a date, the appearance of three hooded figures in a field spooks Aura, and she tells Billy he needs to put her from his mind, forget she ever existed. Then she was gone.

But how do you forget the one you are destined to be with?

The only clue to his girlfriend’s disappearance is an old and very strange guide to country walks that Aura had shown great interest in—particularly Walk No. 21, which would take the traveler through “deepest, darkest Somerset.”

What is it about Walk No. 21 that had Aura so fascinated?

And why has it become an obsession, not only of Billy’s, but of anyone who has come in contact with the book?

Kindle Version Now Available!



The Kindle edition of Edward Newton’s Horrorfrost is now available!

Twenty years ago, Roman Carver turned his back on civilization and retreated to the mountains for a simpler, albeit more rugged existence. During that time, he’s had to face a number of predators that threatened his new way of life, but nothing that he’s encountered in the past could have prepared him for this new threat.

There’s something in the white…

It came with the snow, perfectly camouflaged. It destroyed Roman’s cabin, forcing him to seek aid at the nearby Enchanted Points Ski Resort. But then it razed the resort, leaving behind a rag-tag band of survivors.

…and it’s hungry.

Now, in white-out conditions and a temperature that continues to drop, it’s up to Roman to lead them all to safety. But the weather isn’t their only obstacle. First, there’s the creature. Then there’s the wall around town that the creature has been building. And then there’s what’s on the other side of the wall…


Deathlehem 2020 Cover Reveal

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We know it’s early in the year, but figured we want you get everybody into the Christmas spirit, and around here, that can only mean one thing… Deathlehem! And while Jeffrey Kosh never fails to bring to the table, we think he outdid himself with this year’s cover. Don’t worry, there are plenty of slots available. The text is pickup from last year. So without further ado, we are proud to present the cover of this year’s Christmas anthology, Santa Claws is Coming to Deathlehem!