Kindle Version Now Available!



The Kindle edition of Edward Newton’s Horrorfrost is now available!

Twenty years ago, Roman Carver turned his back on civilization and retreated to the mountains for a simpler, albeit more rugged existence. During that time, he’s had to face a number of predators that threatened his new way of life, but nothing that he’s encountered in the past could have prepared him for this new threat.

There’s something in the white…

It came with the snow, perfectly camouflaged. It destroyed Roman’s cabin, forcing him to seek aid at the nearby Enchanted Points Ski Resort. But then it razed the resort, leaving behind a rag-tag band of survivors.

…and it’s hungry.

Now, in white-out conditions and a temperature that continues to drop, it’s up to Roman to lead them all to safety. But the weather isn’t their only obstacle. First, there’s the creature. Then there’s the wall around town that the creature has been building. And then there’s what’s on the other side of the wall…