Introducing Midnight Machinations Press

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We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching a new imprint dedicated to mysteries/thrillers. The premier publication of Midnight Machinations Press (logo courtesy of Jeffrey Kosh) will be Walking Shadow by Mickey Lewis.

We ask that you not send submissions at this time. MMP will have a limited submission window, which we will announce at a later date.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game…

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Martin Wagner, an aging catcher in the San Francisco Giants farm system, is offered a new assignment—take a promising young pitcher under his wing and show him the ropes. Martin’s manager is cagey about the new player, giving only his name, Andrei Dinescu, and his country of origin, Moldova. Despite the mysterious circumstances, Martin accepts the assignment, hoping to earn a return to the big leagues.

After his first bullpen session with the strange new pitcher, Martin is shocked by Andrei’s lack of physical ability and his unfamiliarity with the game of baseball. However, with each passing week, Andrei’s strength and skill grow exponentially, and his miraculous leaps in both ability and velocity begin to frighten Martin. This fear is compounded by the organization’s obvious attempts to keep Andrei separated from the rest of the team.

At the height of his prowess, Andrei is put into the rotation for his first start with Martin behind the plate. Before the game, the manager offers a devil’s bargain, and the source of Andrei Dinescu’s bizarre abilities becomes horrifically clear. Martin is faced with a desperate choice: walk away from baseball and everything he has known or deal with the monster on the mound and earn his way back to the majors.  

The Perils of Ms. Gray

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Seven long years have passed since Betty-June Gray and her son, Jesus, escaped the horrific events that befell them on the Tucker farm. For Betty-June, those years have been spent trying to forget about the past while dealing with the nightmarish results of toxic poisoning from the Atkins Chemical Plant, which are quickly making her son deathly ill.

Desperate for cash for Jesus’s medical treatment, Betty-June starts waitressing at the Pig-Whistle Truck Stop Diner. Fearing she won’t bring in enough money, she’s faced with the very real possibility of having to earn extra cash servicing truckers in the privacy of the diner’s supply closet. But she’s about to come face-to-face with a sex-crime vigilante called “The Headhunter,” who is getting ready to castrate another victim.

Against a backdrop of deformed gators, evil politicians, racist policemen, and a six-foot-tall Moth Man stalking the truck stop, is anyone safe on this dark, sultry evening in Cold Currant, Mississippi?
Find out in the continuing saga of Betty-June Gray…

The Mississippi Glory Hole Mutilations

COMING JULY 22, 2022

Peter N. Dudar Novella Back in Print

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For folks who follow Peter N. Dudar, author of The Goat Parade, who have been met with disappointment trying to obtain a copy of his bizarre novella, Blood Cult of the Booby Farmers, only to find that it’s out of print, fear not. We are pleased to announce that we will be re-releasing this work, as well as the follow-up, The Mississippi Glory Hole Mutilations, in the near future. Here’s a preview of the cover for Booby Farmers, created by the talented Jeffrey Kosh.

What Are You Most Afraid Of?

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New Release, Now Available

Our deepest fears come in many forms. The seen and the hidden. The real and the imagined. The flesh and the incorporeal. Between the covers of this book, you’ll find a bit of all this. Monsters, real and imagined. The familiar and the alien. So open the book. Be prepared to confront your worst fears.

What is your deepest fear? Things that exist in plain sight? Those that hide in the darkest corners of your soul?

Things That Don’t Belong in the Light


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