What Are You Most Afraid Of?

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Our deepest fears come in many forms. The seen and the hidden. The real and the imagined. The flesh and the incorporeal. Between the covers of this book, you’ll find a bit of all this. Monsters, real and imagined. The familiar and the alien. So open the book. Be prepared to confront your worst fears.

What is your deepest fear? Things that exist in plain sight? Those that hide in the darkest corners of your soul?

Things That Don’t Belong in the Light

Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Things-That-Dont-Belong-Light-ebook/dp/B09J56XMK1

Epub & Other eBook retailers: https://books2read.com/u/3Lw1rJ

Print: https://www.amazon.com/Things-That-Dont-Belong-Light/dp/194722767X

Welcome to Peculiar County

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Welcome to Peculiar County, where…

…witches lurk in the shadows.
…a menacing creature haunts the skies.
…the dead refuse to stay dead.

When the ghost of a murdered boy appears to fifteen-year-old Dibby Caldwell and pleads with her to help him, she’s determined to find out what happened to the boy, much to the consternation of many of the townsfolk, who advise her to drop the matter. There’s no point in stirring up old memories and picking at the scabs of healed over wounds. But the boy won’t leave Dibby alone, so she must continue her investigation and soon learns some people will stop at nothing to keep the secret buried. 

Coming Soon…

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And a child shall lead them…

Coming soon, Damir Salkovic’s Always Beside You.

Help her open the door. It wants to come through…

First, the dream. Now this message from the mouth of a stranger. It was too much of a coincidence for Nate Carver, and has him dropping everything to help a woman he hasn’t even thought about in eight years, not since the overdose that almost took Cathy Deveraux’s life.

The prison escape of Thomas Elbert stirs up memories for Detective Alec Palmer, and the man’s death raises questions. Why would a catatonic convicted killer suddenly wake up and escape, only to commit suicide days later? Or was it murder? And what connection did he have to Nate Carver, a man on the run with a daughter he never knew he had?

All roads lead to Boston, where, in their search for answers, they will be drawn into the dark world of the occult and mysticism. Of parallel worlds and alternate realities. Of doors that open onto other times and other worlds. Of dreams that won’t be denied. By the time they realize they are merely pawns in a much bigger game, a game where the fate of the world is at stake, will it be too late?

God Has Arrived

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Matt Starr’s Prepare to Meet Thy God is now available in print and Kindle formats.

Almost Heaven

That’s what the voice on the radio promised, and as Heath and his friends drove through the snow-capped mountains of West Virginia, they could almost believe it. Their destination? Blue Brier and the neighboring ski resort.

More Like Hell

The signs were there—becoming more evident as they drove deeper into the mountains of West Virginia—that something wasn’t right. And nowhere was it more obvious than in Blue Brier itself, with its warning of “Prepare to Meet Thy God” painted on the side of a shed. Nor did the group heed the subtle warning issued by the local sheriff.

Ask, So That Your Sins May be Forgiven

The Harrowing is upon them, and it’s too late to repent. Now they’re running scared, running as though the very hounds of Hell are nipping at their heels.