Final TOC for A Tree Lighting in Deathlehem

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Here is the final line-up for A Tree Lighting in Deathlehem (Title, author, page number [which is subject to change upon final formatting]:

Scary Christmas and a Bloody New Year! 1
Silver and Straw – W. Brice McVicar 5
Christmas Sinner – Dave Jeffery 21
Christmas Wish – Rose Blackthorn 30
Cold Edge – Damascus Mincemeyer 41
Chris Miss, Mama – Scott Deegan 57
The Christmas Angel – Dan Allen 62
Bloody Christmas Tree – R.A. Goli 76
The Other Side of Giving – Christopher Stanley 83
Lovely Weather for an Unseelie  Ride Together – Matt Cowan 91
The Santa Revelation – Tristan Ryan  104
A Christmas Eve Visitor – Kev Harrison  110
The Widowmaker – P.A. Sheppard 116
A Tale of St. Nicholas – Joseph P. Pietris 137
Bloody Bones – Jeffrey Kosh  140
Holiday Home Invasion – Robbert C. Eccles  204
Wonderful – Marc Sorondo 205
Twisted Wishes – Lori Safranek 227
That’s the Spirit – Kurt Newton 239
Christmas Eve on the Rudolph Express – Sheri White  250
Song of the Hunt – Pierce Skinner 258
Christmas Revenge – Karen Thrower 279
Marshmallow World Vivian Kasley 286
Aianna – Dan Foley. 295
Away in a Manger:  A Christmas Tale of Terror – Tim Kane  302
The Vices and Virtues of Gideon Thomas – James Carlson 319

Cover Reveal and Title Announcement for Deathlehem 2019

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Everybody raves about the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, but they ain’t seen nothing until they see the Tree Lighting in Deathlehem. It’s to die for.

Our charity Christmas anthology series continues with A Tree Lighting in Deathlehem, which we are still reading for, so if you have a dark Christmas-themed story, please feel free to send it on in. More information can be found in our Submission Guidelines.
(Cover Design by Jeffrey Kosh)

Please join us in welcoming…

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Please join us in welcoming Kevin David Anderson to the GSP family. You might know Kevin from his short fiction, but many of you will probably recognize the author of Night of the Living Trekkies. We’ll be publishing a collection of tales under the title of Midnight Men: The Supernatural Adventures of Dale and Earl. Look for it this October, just in time for Halloween.

General Announcements

General Announcements

The First Review of Dave Jeffery’s Tooth & Claw is in!

After you check out this review of Tooth & Claw by Dave Jeffery, why not head on over to Amazon and join the hunt.

Now Available…

The fifth print compilation of Grave Markers, which features The Source, Brain Attack, and The Bathtub, is now available.

Check out this awesome review of Tom Deady’s Weekend Getaway over at AstraDaemon’s Lair!

Rock out with Leo Dark and Stuart R. West

Stuart R. West interviews Leo Darke over at his blog. They talk Lucifer Sam and music among other things. So why not head on over and give it a looksie.

Coming in June…

Jonah Buck’s Cesspool, the second entry in the Jasper O’Malley series. So now would be the perfect time to pick up Substratum, book 1 of the series.