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Kevin David Anderson’s NIGHT SOUNDS: From Podcast to Print

Frantic, hungry claws scraping against wood… The whining of a drill as it grinds through bone… The ravings of a lunatic amid the honking of gridlocked cars… Agonized shrieks through the phone line, followed by the rending of flesh… The hypnotic, deadly tones of a calliope on a warm summer night… When the sun goes down and darkness claims the land… When the silence descends, isolating the lonely, the desperate, the weak… These are the


you would hear, should you care to listen. And just below it, if you strain your ears, you will hear what the night sounds mask… The sounds of human suffering, the music of the night.

Night Sounds: From Podcast to Print is a collection of scary, sometimes humorous stories, mostly written for popular fiction podcasts. The book is a throwback to Anderson’s earliest fiction influences, what we now call Old Time Radio.

Available in print and for Kindle (other digital formats to follow).

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