The Perils of Ms. Gray

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Seven long years have passed since Betty-June Gray and her son, Jesus, escaped the horrific events that befell them on the Tucker farm. For Betty-June, those years have been spent trying to forget about the past while dealing with the nightmarish results of toxic poisoning from the Atkins Chemical Plant, which are quickly making her son deathly ill.

Desperate for cash for Jesus’s medical treatment, Betty-June starts waitressing at the Pig-Whistle Truck Stop Diner. Fearing she won’t bring in enough money, she’s faced with the very real possibility of having to earn extra cash servicing truckers in the privacy of the diner’s supply closet. But she’s about to come face-to-face with a sex-crime vigilante called “The Headhunter,” who is getting ready to castrate another victim.

Against a backdrop of deformed gators, evil politicians, racist policemen, and a six-foot-tall Moth Man stalking the truck stop, is anyone safe on this dark, sultry evening in Cold Currant, Mississippi?
Find out in the continuing saga of Betty-June Gray…

The Mississippi Glory Hole Mutilations

COMING JULY 22, 2022

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