Grave Marker No. 18 is Now Live

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Grave Marker No. 18, Ezekiel Kincaid’s The Memoir of Darius Fischer, is now live! Only $0.99 cents to buy, or FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited.

For as long as Darius Fischer can remember, his grandfather had an air of mystery about him, and he harbored many secrets, secrets he kept hidden from his own family. Now that the old man has passed away, Darius is free to explore those secrets and dispel the mystery surrounding the man. But what he hinds only deepens the mystery.

He finds, locked away inside a chest, strands of grayish white hair secured by a leather band. What was so important about these strands of hair, and why did the old man keep them under lock and key?

From the moment he arrives home, Darius begins to witness some strange events, and a menacing shadowy figure pursues him. When he starts experiencing blackouts and waking in strange places, covered in blood, he questions his sanity. He seeks out help, first spiritual, then psychological. But has he put it off too long? Is he too late to save himself from the demons he inadvertently released?

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